Climate Positive Sustainable Infrastructure Programme: In Brief.

Green Cross UK works with / for the Public and Private Sectors on initiatives and projects related to Infrastructure; helping to develop sustainable projects, controlling, mitigating, and compensating their potential negative impact on the environment.

Introducing CPSI:

I.CPSI is a voluntary and independent certification programme conceived to provide a reliable response to the growing demand for entities to be resilient and sustainable. 

II.CPSI offers a secure, transparent and traceable framework through its Blockchain digital platform executed by an impartial NGO to minimize potential risks (construction, environmental, institutional, social, others) for public agencies, regulatory bodies and investors.

III.CPSI guarantees the sustainability of infrastructure projects over time. Starting with their Carbon Footprint it evaluates, mitigates and compensates their environmental and social impact and offsets their Human Impact; topics that are too often addressed in a limited and non integrated manner in Environmental Impact Studies and subsequent Environmental Management Plans.

IV.CPSI uses international methodologies, practices and standards of recognized institutions and associated entities to certify Infrastructure and the environmental footprints. 

V.CPSI is a programme that systematically synergizes practices, standards, and technologies of proven efficiency in the international marketplace under the “Climate Positive” concept that Mr Mikhail Gorbachev has proposed to comply with the 2030 Agenda. The sum of the experiences of the parties involved and the holistic vision of Green Cross acquired in a number of projects globally during more than 25 years, are combined to achieve the actions and results of the CPSI programme.

VI.CPSI certification (Climate Positive Sustainable Infrastructure) facilitates a Project’s acceptability in the new world of Green Finance.●

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