Operations began for the 2023 campaign of the “Restoration of the Parana Rainforest and its Biodiversity”.

In mid-April, the first activities of the “Restoration of the Parana Rainforest and its Biodiversity” program began in the “Selva Paranaense Vida Nativa GS1” reserve. This program includes the development of reforestation activities, enrichment and release of native flora, as well as strengthening, monitoring and reinsertion of fauna.

As part of this program, two male and one female workers from neighboring communities have been playing a key role in the reserve’s forest since mid-April. They have carried out a series of tasks that contribute significantly to the preservation and recovery of the local ecosystem. The workers have carried out various activities, including “planting site preparation”, in which they have selected and marked the first sites where native species seedlings will be planted starting in August.

In addition, 120 native species were planted as part of the training and preparation of personnel for reforestation and enrichment. These activities made it possible to level the previous knowledge of each of the operators, strengthen technical concepts and transmit the short, medium and long term restoration objectives of the project.

Another of the tasks carried out by the operators has been the release of future trees, through which they have eliminated creepers that compromised the growth and development of young trees that were projected to dominate the upper canopy of the forest. This care and protection work promotes the establishment of native species, fostering the recovery of the forest in its original state.

The operators have also cut bamboos, an arduous but essential task to control the expansion of this native but highly invasive species, a typical situation in degraded forests, which negatively affects biodiversity and the growth of other native plants. Their knowledge of management techniques and skill in the use of specialized tools have been key to this work.

Training has focused not only on field activities, but also on the use of work tools such as GPS, clinometer and compass. These skills have allowed them to orient themselves and accurately map the work areas, as well as record relevant data for future analysis and evaluation.

The preparation of the “Restoration of the Parana Rainforest and its Biodiversity” program, having required more than 6 months during the year 2022, took into account a thorough study of existing bibliography, the inventories carried out in the field and numerous field visits in which particular situations were analyzed, projecting the dynamics of recovery and growth of the forest. Thus, we understand that the activities proposed by the program will accompany the restoration project throughout the life of the project being a fundamental tool to achieve the objective that Nideport proposes to accompany the forest until it reaches its natural growth dynamics and recovers the natural capital in its ecosystems.

Below we share images of the work carried out in the field with the operators and Nideport’s technical team.

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