Participative Carbon Budget

Nideport continues with the Participatory Carbon Budget, a program in which local communities benefit from the issuance of carbon credits and participate in decision making.

Under the theme “Education as the axis of sustainable social investment” (period 2023), on August 24th and 25th, forums were held to survey needs and weigh proposals.
More than 40 people attended, including directors, teachers, parents’ union and students from the following educational establishments: Common Primary School 482 “Miguel de Azcuénaga” of Cruce Caballero, Satellite Classroom No1 La Semillera, EPJAI (School for young people and itinerant adults) CP19, Secondary School EPET No31, School of Initial Education N.E.N.I 2100, EXT. 482 and the Intercultural Bilingual School FJC N°938 of Tekoa Alecrín.
The expected impact reaches more than 300 children, adolescents and adults of the educational universe of the project area.

During the month of September, the second implementation forum will be held where the prioritized projects will be executed in a participatory manner and according to equity criteria.
Participatory Carbon is a program in which the population of the project’s area of influence can determine, through a participatory process, how the carbon benefits will be used according to principles of universality, equality and equity.
The program encourages social participation through participatory designs in which stakeholders can determine investment priorities.