Nideport advances on the implementation of 2023 goals.

In April, the first phase of 2023 project implementation was consolidated.

Within the framework of net and extraordinary benefits for the community – in terms of employability, training and social and productive projects that respect gender safeguards and intercultural dialogue with indigenous communities – induction and training activities were carried out to instruct local people on different tasks to be performed in the Vida Nativa-GS 1 Reserve. In addition, collaborative construction activities were performed to improve the indigenous habitat, with 2 new dwellings in Tekoa Alecrín.

We have measured as well the first impact of the project Mujeres Cultivadoras, as a result of a joint effort between Nideport and the “Nueva Esperanza” cooperative of women farmers. Positive results were obtained in terms of increased productivity.

Considering the goals for 2023 project implementation, Nideport has achieved a 20% execution rate during the first four months of 2023.