Free, Prior and Informed Consultation


Free, prior and informed consultation is a right enjoyed by the people living in the area of a project in order to be duly informed of the nature and scope of a project and to be able to participate freely by expressing their consultations and points of view on such projects and their impacts.

We seek to inform as clearly as possible about the nature, scope and duration of our project, the environmental and community benefits and their impact on the natural and social environment of the project area. A duly informed population exercising full and effective participation is a very important asset for forest governance and the strengthening of social capital.

Therefore, the agenda for the public consultation meeting includes the following elements:

  • Beginning of the meeting with an introduction that gives everyone present the opportunity to understand with whom they are meeting.
  • Presentation of the project in simple, non-technical terms that allows interested parties to understand the project and its implications.
  • Information on the project scope, duration and impact.
  • Description of the potential impacts the project may have on the environment and local communities and how these will be addressed.
  • Information on the means of raising concerns and/or filing appeals for impacts occurring during project implementation.
  • Question and answer session, giving stakeholders the opportunity to raise any questions they may have about the project.

Once the consultation meeting is concluded, the results of the consultation process will be analyzed and disseminated.

In addition to taking detailed notes of the meeting, the results of the consultation should be analyzed. When the information is fully documented, all comments received should be evaluated to decide how they should be taken into account in the project design. The key issues raised should be addressed in a final report that includes the comments and feedback received and describes how the outcome of the consultation will be incorporated into the final project design. This report should be made publicly available both online and physically. In addition, detailed minutes with all concerns raised by stakeholders during the meeting should be made available to the public.

meeting should be made available to the public online. These minutes should be anonymized and edited where necessary so that no one person is exposed to repercussions, avoiding altering the meaning of the issues raised.

Friday, November 26th at 5 p.m.

República Argentina Av. 99-1, San pedro

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