“Mujeres Cultivadoras Project: strengthening the Nueva Esperanza Cooperative


As part of NIDEPORT’s work with local communities, the Community Relations area initiated a project to strengthen a sustainable agroforestry production cooperative self-managed by women inhabitants of the GS1 reserve’s area of influence.

The Nueva Esperanza Cooperative is an agroecological and sustainable project of production of different products that a group of women from Paraje Gentile, San Pedro, Misiones, carries out. These entrepreneurs work in the production of vinegars, liquors and seasonings from wild native fruits from the Parana rainforest, grown by themselves or collected from the mountain: caraguatá, jaracatiá, jaboticaba, pitanga, guabiroba, among others.

The cooperative also conducts trainings, workshops and talks open to the community aimed at environmental care, the importance of the conservation of native plants and their seeds, agroecological production, and the prevention of gender violence in the community.

Within the framework of the collaboration agreement signed between NIDEPORT and Agricultural Cooperative Nueva Esperanza, the following inputs were delivered:

  • 3 (three) flat bottom fermenting tanks, 134 liters, with side output, translucent natural color, Infinity Rotomolding brand.
  • 3 (three) disassembleable 3/4 stopcocks for fermenters, with clamp coupling, Infinity Rotomolding brand.
  • Semi-automatic packaging filler, model H160, Herpress.

By the way, a working meeting was held with the members of the cooperative in which the initiative was developed to incorporate a gender perspective and the importance of safeguards in terms of substantive participation, equity in access and control of resources, etc. In addition, a review of the design of the project “Mujeres Cultivadoras” was made, the management objectives and the impact evaluation goals were reviewed. Finally, proposals for a training agenda were discussed.

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